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Here’s to a more personal, interactive podcast. Here’s to enjoying the lighter side of the game while still listening to valuable insight. Here’s to AFR’s students of the game from across the globe sharing their knowledge and opinion on the beautiful game.

Episode 13: Deulofeu y Las Flores Azules

Contributors: Eric Beard, Dominic Vieira

Episode 12: We Are The Storm.

Contributors: Eric Beard, Gary Al-Smith, Dan Wiersema

Episode 11: The Podcast Makes A Comeback

Contributors: Oli Sparrow, Ulysse Pasquier, Eric Beard

Episode 10: SKY’s not the limit for Kay Murray

Contributors: Oli Sparrow (London), Dominic Vieira (Lancaster), Eric Beard (Barcelona)

Special Guest: Kay Murray, Real Madrid TV Presenter

Episode 9: An Hour of Banter

Contributors: Oli Sparrow (London), Eric Beard (Barcelona), Ulysse Pasquier (Montreal)

Special Guests: Andrew Weber (Berlin), Cathal Breathnach (Dublin)

Episode 8: Ronaldinho should have been raised in Wigan

Contributors: Oli Sparrow (London), Darshan Joshi (Kuala Lumpur), Dominic Vieira (Lancaster), Eric Beard (Boston.

Special Guest: Iain Macintosh, the UK correspondent for The New Paper

Episode 7: Capturing the Game with Ryu Voelkel

Contributors: Oli Sparrow (London), Ulysse Pasquier (Montreal), Eric & Jordan Beard (Boston)

Special Guest: Ryu Voelkel (one of the world’s leading football photographers, Paris)

Episode 6: In Bed With Maradona

Contributors: Oli Sparrow (London), Eric Beard (Boston)

Special Guest: Jeff Livingstone (Editor of InBedWithMaradona.com, Newcastle)

Episode 5: Qatar or Avatar?

Contributors: Oli Sparrow (London), Eric Beard (Boston), Darshan Joshi (Kuala Lumpur)

Special Guest: Andrew Weber (Editor of FootballNomad.com & ArsenalFCBlog.com, Berlin)

Episode 4: Robinho the Foot Soldier

Contributors: Oli Sparrow (London), Eric Beard (Boston), Dominic Vieira (Lancaster), Ulysse Pasquier (Montreal), Gordon Fleetwood (NYC)

Episode 3: Chateau de Ginola

Contributors: Oli Sparrow (London), Eric Beard (Emory University, Atlanta), Dominic Vieira (Lancaster University), Ulysse Pasquier (McGill University, Montreal), Darshan Joshi (University of South Wales, Sydney)

Episode 2: Ugly Rooney

Contributors: Oliver Sparrow (London), Ulysse Pasquier (McGill University), Eric Beard (Emory University), Amy Quinn (Dublin), Darshan Joshi (University of South Wales), Nick Lichtenberg (Brooklyn), Dominic Vieira (Lancaster University)

 Special Guest: David Hunt of Brentford FC

Episode 1: The First Ever A Football Report Podcast

Contributors: Oliver Sparrow (London), Eric Beard (Atlanta), Ulysse Pasquier (Montreal), Darshan Joshi (Sydney), and Nick Lichtenberg (New York City)